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Fedor Rashchevskiy

Sophia Shabalkina

Ekaterina Trunova

Anna Kovalenko

Design: September 2017 - January 2018

Construction:: January 2018 - May 2018

Total area: 5800 m2

Photo: Ilya Ivanov

Dixy is one of the largest chains of convenience stores in Russia, with 697 stores throughout the country.

The new office is located on the 6th and 8th floors in one of skyscrapers of the prestigious Moscow City area.

The task for OFFCON architects was to create a technologically advanced yet cozy office space. The space planning was dictated by the company’s organization structure. Thus, there’s an open space along the façade, separated by several informal zones in the middle, called Summer Houses. They’re equipped with a counter-height table for quick meetings and are separated from the open space by a glass partition. There’s also a lounge area with high back sofas and armchairs. A block with closed offices for managers and meeting rooms is located closer to the core. The meeting rooms are equipped with movable partitions, which allows to change the rooms’ purpose.

The office has a lot of various zones for different types of work as well as for recharging. One of the features of the office are soft round niches designed by the architects specifically for this project. They are used for focused work, quick meetings and phone calls.

The space has another interesting feature – an atrium with angled façade, that architects decided to make a lounge with winter garden. They connected two floors by the stair, making connection between them easier for Dixy employees. The winter garden is adjacent to the block of meeting rooms equipped with movable partitions, that allow to create a single event-hall when necessary.

The task to create a homey, but technologically advanced office was successfully completed. The circle is used as a main motif in the design. This shape was inspired by various round foods such as apples, tomatoes, egg yolk, pizza or even a birthday cake. Thus, multiple circle and sphere shape elements were used: round acoustic panels on the ceiling, sphere lighting fixtures in corridors and meeting rooms, round tables and cylinder poufs in lounge zones. Moreover, even the navigation graphics are also based on circles.

The color palette for the interior was also inspired by various delicious foods. These colors can be described as mouth-watering, warm and even sweet. The open space interior is done in warm shades of brown inspired by chocolate and coffee, while lounge zones, coffee-points and meeting rooms are done in more juicy colors, primarily shades of green and orange, inspired by fruits. Meeting rooms were named after various fruits and desserts, for instance: pineapple, brownie, vanilla, pomegranate, jam. Their interior reflected these names through patterned wallpaper and furnishings. The wall behind the reception desk is a green wall with real life imitations of fresh produce.

In term of digital part of the office, the most prominent feature is the interactive glass partition. Special projectors were used for this. They create an image on a partition, that can be controlled by hand without touching the glass. All widgets were designed specifically for Dixy. The screen shows the latest news, traffic, weather and office navigation.

According to Dixy HR manager, this office was very well thought out and every employee feels like home here. Also, it has become a creative space that inspires Dixy employees and helps them generate new ideas.