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Fedor Rashcevskiy

Anastasia Yugrina

Conctruction: 2018

Total Area: 720 sq.m.

About office:

Divico is a Russian digital agency that creates entertainment media. They are responsible for 16 internet shows on YouTube, and Instagram. The main task for OFFCON architects was to create a functional and diverse space with an opportunity to create video content pretty much everywhere.

Architects had to design the office in a such way so it’s comfortable for everyone regardless of whether they’re performing quiet work with documents, meeting with partners or shooting a video.

The main entrance produces a wow-effect with its green neon lights around the door. The green colored surfaces of the floor and walls resemble a classic chroma keying. The only light surface of the entrance area is used for showcasing Divico awards.

There’s a block finished with oriented strand board in the middle of the office. This multifunctional structure contains various spaces such as meeting room, hot desk, alcoves for focused work or quick meetings, and print-zones. In order to maximize the height of the space, architects decided to refrain from the raised floor system and placed all wires for worktables in the corrugation cables on walls.

Special considerations were paid to lighting in this project since it plays crucial role in filming process. The open space was decided to make light and neutral. Various color light temperatures were used for different areas in order to set the right mood.

Some interesting features were implemented in the office to make it more fun to film in. For instance, there’s an American style window in a foam block wall that gives a camera an access into the kitchen. Another feature is a one-way mirror, reflective on one side and transparent at the other. Also, instead of a regular door to the meeting room, a van door was used in order to provide an interesting background for shooting. Colorful bathrooms were also designed partially for this purpose. Overall, there’s a room for every stage of shooting process – from a film studio to an editing studio.

According to the executive of Divico, the difficult task to create versatile office was successfully completed. She states that OFFCON created a stylish and modern space with lots of various functional zones for both creative video shooting and regular office work.