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Align Technology Inc.

<p>Align Technology Inc.</p>

Peter Holkovsky
Sofia Shabalkina
Ekaterina Trunova
Alexey Kulagin

Design: 3 months

Construction:April 2018 - November 2018

Total area: 2200 sq.m

Photo: Ilya Ivanov

Align Technology is one of the leaders in medical device industry, with headquarters in San Jose, California. When Align business in Moscow started to grow and hire more people, they realized that they need to add more space to the existing office, situated in Moscow business center Meshcherin. The task for OFFCON architects was to create an additional office space for 250 people. One of the goals was to analyze which areas of the existing office are used the most and implement these findings in the new office.

The main request was to design an open space with no visual boundaries and hierarchy, but comfortable for all employees. This way, all meeting rooms can be transformed into one common space with several lighting and furniture scenarios. There are some enclosed informal meeting rooms for brainstorming, with soft furniture and no tables. Additionally, employees have an opportunity to have short meetings in some open informal areas with soft furniture, created throughout the floor. If needed, they can be separated by acoustic curtains and become areas for recharge.

Custom-made storage system with integrated phone booths and alcoves, designed by the architects, separates the open space from the traffic zones. This solution also helps with acoustics. The height of the existing windowsills allowed to create soft seating along the façade. There is also a multi-functional structure in the shape of an amphitheater that has temporary workspaces and spaces for quick meetings.

Employees can create a comfortable environment for themselves by adjusting various components – from lighting to table heights. The environment can change from high concentration work to relaxed atmosphere of solitude. Oftentimes employees stay late, thus there is several sleeping and concentration rooms, showers, spa, and a game area with pool table, ping-pong and foosball. Moreover, this office allows to ride on scooters, hoverboards and skates. In order to make this possible, architects designed all shapes with rounded corners for better and safer circulation.

According to the CEO of Align Technology, S.A. Ricci, this office not only meets all the requirements, but creates a special environment that improves employees physical and mental health, motivates them and helps them to become better versions of themselves.